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LEAP ™ Learning Center

Welcome to the LEAP CMS Learning Center!

Below are tricks and tips for the new user all the way to users who have been updating their websites with LEAP for years. Feel free to view and browse around, never know what kind of tricks are in these pages.


LEAP™ User Quick Ticks & Tips
Quick FAQs for users, includes useful information!

YouTube Vs Menus
Are your video links overlapping menu items on your LEAP™ site? Here is an easy way around it.

Shopping Carts
e-commerce on your site, sell products on your LEAP™ website.

META Button
That META button on each page? What's going on!

Pull content from another page when creating pages, useful for Newsletters/News pages and other pieces of your site.

Banner System
You can sell ad space on your LEAP website, click to find out how to use the system.

Trusted Users/Login Pages
Coming soon!

Menu Items - what's going on there?
Added a menu item but not sure how to place it? Changing levels?

Color Chart
What's Hexadecimal you say? And how does it make a colour on a wesbite?

Linking to a document within a Text Module
Great trick and tip on how to make your text become truly dynamic and cross linked.

Adding Pages to your LEAP Website
A must for every new user and one of the most-asked questions. LEAP™ makes it easy, and there's multiple ways so you can find what works best for your kind of site.

Glossary of Web & Treefrog Terms
Every say "huh?" when a web designer talks? Not to worry....Check here for a glossary of common terms that you might hear!

Picture Sizing
How to check if your pictures are the right size to display the best for your site.

Basic HTML Codes
Nothing to be scared of. Really easy formating for your LEAP™ webiste!

Search Engine Optimization Basics/Overview
Check about how to get your site higher in Yahoo/Google/Bing

There's always more to learn if you want to extend your skills and make your site sing. Keep checking back for additional pieces of information.

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