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..of Web & Treefrog Terms

Below is a list of common terms and words that you might hear when working with your web designer and developer. If you are ever unclear on the terminology, don't be afraid to ask questions.... we are here to help!
Normally referring to the side of your website that is only viewable to the administrator.
A picture of what your site will look like i.e. a JPG image of your website design. Normally a "comp" is presented to you in an email by your designer.
The paragraphs of information, pictures, text, videos, etc. that build your website body.
Content Management System
e.g. LEAP. A piece of website software that allows you to make your own updates and changes to your website.
The process that Treefrog Interactive goes through to add the LEAP Content Management System to your website.
Normally referring to LEAP modules. The "building blocks" of your site's back-end administration section. i.e. Title Module, Text Module, Picture Module. You enter content into a module in order to create your website body.
A working HTML version of your site, however not fully functional and with content. A way for you to see how your site works and navigates before its 100% complete.
Search Engine
e.g. Google / Yahoo / MSN
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The science behind why some people appear on the first page on a search engine i.e. Google / Yahoo / MSN and who some people don't appear at all. Based on a large algorithm by which these search engines rate your site by.
The "outer shell" or "template" of your website. Basically, your design.
The process of taking an approved site design (graphic) and turning it into code i.e. HTML or XHTML.
The compliancy of the programming language of your site. i.e. code.

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