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Features of the LEAP CMS

The LEAP™ Website Operating System offers a wide variety of content modules (for each individual page) and Administration modules (for site-wide operations) available for addition to any page or section of your website. Below is a list of current LEAP™ modules and their functions but this list grows with each customer and we custom build new modules as the system and our customer base grows. All modules are easily added and removed from any page or section and are completely dynamic to your website.

Note that different levels of LEAP™ monthly licenses (i.e. your monthly LEAP™ fee) offer different levels and availability of modules. At any time, if you wish to add a module to your version of LEAP™, please contact our office at (905)836-4442 or email us at info@treefrog.ca.

Content Modules

Module Function
TitleAdds a title or paragraph heading to a body of text. There are different levels of title headings in terms of design in the advanced section of this module.
TextFor use when adding a body of text on a website.
ChartAdds a chart to a website. The number of rows and columns can be edited.
Photo GalleryAdds the standard LEAP™ photo gallery to a page on a website.
Email FormAdds an email to a page on a website (usually the Contact Us page). Has the ability to add, remove and change the fields that are included on the form, insert radio/checkboxes, list items and make required fields. A visitor’s completed form can be directed via email to a recipient.
TestimonialsFormats the look and feel of testimonials for a testimonials page of a website, complete with verbiage, author and association.
FAQFrequently Asked Questions. All questions appear at the top of the page and can be clicked to go directly to the answer lower on the page. Return To Top feature included.
File FolderAbility to upload documents to your website such as PDFs, Word, Excel, etc., so that anyone can download or view them if they have the right software for that file.
FlashAbility to upload and put FLASH files on your website.
GlossaryMuch the same as the FAQ but is for definition of terms.
HTMLAbility to put code right into your website.
LoginUsed in conjunction with other modules, but once they're all installed, it’s essentially a Login system.
PhotoLet's you upload a single photo at a time to your site and manipulate it within your site.
RSSAllows for News Feeds in your website.
Events ModuleAllows you to post events to your website, complete with event name, date, time, links to external information, detail page link and more.
Site MapTakes any of the existing menus on your site and creates a dynamic Site Map that gets updated when you update any menu contained within it.
Optional add-ons
Module Function
BlogThe standard LEAP™ blog is available with posting and commenting capabilities.
Events CalendarAllows you to have an events calendar in the side skin of your website, complete with roll-over details and highlighted event dates.
For more information regarding content modules please check our documentation here

Administration Modules

Module Function
PagesAllows the administrator to manage all of the pages of a website, including deleting, renaming and grouping pages.
Font StylesAllows the administrator to alter the text styles (i.e. font, size, colour etc.). Changes made here are reflected throughout the entire website.
ComponentsAllows the administrator some control over static elements in the website which appear on every page (such as copyright notices).
MenusAllows the administrator to add menus to aid in the construction of a site map.
TemplatesTreefrog uses templates to facilitate the creation of a large number of pages on a website.
DomainsLists all of the domain names and domain name variations of a website.
Search EnginesUsed to increase search engine optimization. Also can be done in the META tool.
SecurityAllows the administrator to set security features such as the leap™ key word for LEAPing in and out, the ability to block certain IP addresses, and the ability to control the number of failed login attempts permitted.
Administrator ManagementAllows the administrator to control who has access to leap™ within their company or organization.
Administration ManagementAllows the administrator to control the level of access each authorized person has to leap’s administration and content modules.
Trusted Users GroupsAllows the administrator to control the login and password functions for restricted sections of the website.
ModulesTreefrog uses this to add new modules to a website as they are developed.
SkinsAllows the administrator to make some changes to the website’s skin.


For more information regarding Administration Modules you can read our documentation here. Would you like to see LEAP™ in action? Fill our our form with your contact info and we can answer any questions or give you a DEMO!

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