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LEAP™ Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is LEAP™?

LEAP™ is the website operating system created by Treefrog Interactive Inc. the system provides you the ability to be your own webmaster and update your own website from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

2. Who is Treefrog Inc?

Treefrog Inc is a full-service development house in Newmarket Ontario and the creators of the LEAP™ CMS system. You can learn more about Treefrog by visiting the Treefrog Interactive Website.

3. How do I get LEAP™ on my website?

You can start the process right now by requesting a demo of the system from our sales team. They'll contact you and then assess your personal situation and provide you a personalized plan for your website needs.

4. Is LEAP™ Open Source?

LEAP™ is owned, operated and supported all by Treefrog Interactive. If you're looking for something specific we would be more than happy to assist you with any customizations to the system - we're always expanding the system with feedback and customizations from our users.

5. What language is LEAP™ written in?

LEAP™ is written in Lasso which was acquired by Treefrog in December 2010 and combines (X)HTML, Javascript/Jquery, CSS to create the system.

6. Who can help me with LEAP™ once I have it?

This website was built to help our users and there's a lot of resources including our documentation, LEAP™ support and tricks & tips. On top of that the staff at Treefrog Interactive are all trained on the system and users can call our Technical Support team at 905-836-4442 x 4 anytime as well we have Support email list you can use anytime.

7. With LEAP™ will my website be #1 on Google?

The natural way that LEAP is built is very search engine friendly and we've found our LEAP™ websites attain much higher rankings than their previous websites and it only gets better the more they work on their sites and grow it. No company can guarantee you first place results, nor should. We do offer search engine optimization services on top of the LEAP™ system available for any LEAP™ client.

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