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YouTube (or Flash) vs Menus, the overlapping issue!

We provide our users an HTML module and with it you have the ability to copy and paste information from external places like...


YouTube Google Maps and many more!

With those comes a possible situation though that you don't control the code that's generated out of those resources and therefore could conflict with your LEAP websites Skin or outer shell. In specific we've seen this come up with Flash pieces, namely YouTube videos. The major piece we've seen is if you have a menu with secondary and possibly even tertiary menu items that could go over the space where your external content would reside.


Check out and example...


In most cases we tell users they don't need to know what the code does but this is the one case that you do. The YouTube code is over-writing the code we've generated for the site, but it's an easy fix.


Add this to the section illustrated below... wmode="opaque"

That code will make sure your menus will not conflict with the external content you're embedding into the site.


That's it!

Once you update that piece and amend it to the YouTube code your menu system returns it's proper look and function.


In the case of adding other external Flash pieces vs overlapping content you can always amend this to the code...

Putting that before the Embed code works with most other cases.


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Doesn't make sense?

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