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Linking a Document within a Text Module

With LEAP you always have the File Folder module available at your disposal.

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But then you're not able to link to a specific document in the middle of a paragraph like so and continue on with the information you wish to provide. How'd we do that?


1) Add the FILE FOLDER module to the page or any page or navigate to your hidden page that has the File Folder module on it already.


2) LEAP onto that page and upload your file to that module, make sure to give it a title so it displays


3) LEAP out of that pge and scroll down to your File Folder module


4) Right click on the title for that file (the link to it) and choose "COPY LINK" or "COPY SHORTCUT" depending on if you're working on a PC or a MAC.


5) LEAP back to the admin side of your site or navigate to the section of the site you wish to insert the link into


6) LEAP onto the desired page you wish to input the link onto.


7a) If you have the TEXT WYSIWYG module highlight the text you wish to link, hit the link button and paste (control+v or apple+v) into the LINK box there, hit update an you're done.


7b) If you have our original TEXT module before the text you wish to link type a href="(paste link in here">text you wish to link< /a>


8) Update the required module and LEAP out to see your results Like this

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