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Picture Sizing in LEAP™ CMS

Uploading pictures is an amazing feature of LEAP but there's a few things to remember when placing a picture on your website you can read the documentation on the Picture Module here. Regarding sizing pictures is set by two options, the format of the picture and the size (in pixels) of the picture.


Your LEAP website accepts the majority of image formats but check to see if your picture is a .gif .jpg or .png Those are the only formats that you'll be able to upload to your LEAP site, sorry .tiff you're meant for print.


The internet runs on a sizing system called "pixels", the metric system does not apply on the internet. You might be familiar with pixels already from screen resolutions, 800x600, 1024x768 etc.


Websites designed by Treefrog are usually no larger than 968 pixels wide so your picture should be less than that - height doesn't matter because it can auto-height. You can re-size your pictures before you upload them or after with the system, it's advised to re-size before though because some layouts will not give enough room for you to delete the photo after it's uploaded if it's too large.



The box above is 100 pixels square. Quite small but great for buttons or smaller versions of pictures for a picture gallery.



The box above is 500 pixels square, great size for showing off your picture - for most of our sites this is a great size to showcase your picture nicely.

These are both just guides. They are to illustrate how big your pictures will show and to give a basic overview of how big pictures are in the pixel world.


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