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Research shows 85 per cent of Internet users use a search engine at least once a day and, if they do not find what they are looking for on the first two pages, most abandon the search.


Our Website Optimization service includes Search Engine Optimization to ensure your site places as high as it possibly can on major search engines – and stays there. Good websites combine writing that motivates, stunning design and innovative programming.

We have built more than 400 websites that combine those elements. Our knowledge of communications and technology gives us the advantage in building high-performing websites.


We understand the complex algorithms and criteria used by major engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to rank websites. Let us put that expertise to work for you. While no one can – or should – guarantee you top ranking on a search engine page, we can help you make your site as effective as it can be.

Our goal is to get you to page one of major search engines using your keyword criteria. 


For beginners looking to start the optimization process themselves you can download the starter guide released by Google about some pieces they regard for ranking.

Document Title Size Revision  
Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide 550.00 kB Jan 02, 2009 Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
Matt Cutts (Google) Top 5 things to do to optimize your site!   Mar 12, 2009 Matt Cutts (Google) Top 5 things to do to optimize your site!

Another great link to check is the Google Friendly Sites. Their page is a great place to start.


With LEAP you have the option for adding in Site-Wide information that is applied to everypage on your site with our Search Engine's Module. But if you're looking to get down into the page-based keywords we have you covered with our META section of LEAP where you can define page-based keywords as well to aid your ranking.


Is the guide confusing?

Doesn't make sense?

You know all this and need more?

How does this apply to your site? Ask us your questions! and we can help.

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