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Adding Pages to your LEAP Website

There are multiple ways to add pages to your LEAP website. You can add a menu item to create the link or you can create pages on-the-fly and add them anywhere throughout the site you wish.

The easiest method is the one stated below.
You can always follow the documentation as well, check it out Here


1) First step is make sure you're logged in to your website. So make sure you're able to go to the back end, type LEAP and test it out!
2) Then navigate the home page, or front page of your website.
3) Navigate to the URL section of your browser (pictured above) &  Take out anything in the URL after the / in your domain name and type in the name of the page you wish to create after trailing slash of your root domain http://www.mydomain.com/ So in this case it's called "NewPage".

NOTE: When creating pages please make sure you don't use spaces or special characters in the names, just keep it simple. Spaces causes errors on some browser and your viewers may not be able to access the page once it's been created. You can also check out the Page Name section of the documentation Here
EXAMPLES! Good page name - ConatctUs or Contact_Us or conatctus or Contact-Us Bad page name - Contact Us (The second will render as Conatct%20Us which will affect your Search Engine Optimization and could cause an error on some browsers out there)


4) Hit the enter key or return once you've typed in your chosen page title. That will take you to a blank page or a page that says "That page does not exist" but the page name will remain in your URL bar.
5) On this blank page type LEAP & Mr. Wizard will appear with a prompt on actually adding that page to your LEAP website.

From the Mr. Wizard prompt you may have more options from just the skin, but the skin is the most important one.


Choose the appropriate skin for you site and click "Add This Page". The system will then pull in all the essential information and provide you with a new page and blank LEAP area to start adding modules and populating your page.


Note: If you choose a TEMPLATE or had that option from the Mr. Wizard screen that would be pre-existing on your site, you would end up with modules that would have been pre-created and populated from the TEMPLATE.


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