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How do I...

Add a new page to my LEAP™ website?
A must for every new user and one of the most-asked questions.

Size my Pictures Correctly?
The internet runs on Pixels, are your pictures the correct size for your website?

Add a new item to my Menu?
Your architecture is completely dynamic and you can add/remove items yourself - here's how.

Configure my Search Engine Optimization?
LEAP™ has the flexibility to manage your own SEO, find out how!

Link to a document within my text?
We have a File Folder module but you can also link your document anywhere in your site

Add a YouTube video to my site
So you've uploaded your video to the 2nd biggest search engine, now how to you get it on your website?

Have a question about LEAP™?
Run into a problem beyond these?
Forgot how to do something?
Help is just a LEAP™ away.


You have a few choices:

Read the Documentation, check out the LEAP Learning Centre for tricks and tips, view the LEAP FAQ

As well you can always email us at: support@treefrog.ca
Call us at: (905) 836-4442
Visit us at: 12 Vincent St. Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 4G2

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