LEAP CMS - Website Operating System

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Chapter 5

Blog Module

The Blog module makes it easy to post your blog articles and experiences to your website for visi- tors to comment on. Once you have successfully added in the Blog module (see section on adding a module), follow the following steps:

To add a blog:
  1. Select the Add Post button.

  1. Enter in your Title, Author, Post Date, Excerpt and Blog Text into the provided fields. If you would like people to be able to post comments on your Blog, select the Allow Discussion button.
  1. Select the Add Blog button.

To remove a blog:
  1. Select the Delete button beside the blog you wish to remove.
Picture To edit a blog:
  1. Select the Edit button beside the blog you wish to edit.

  2. Make the changes you require to the blog fields.
  1. Select Update Blog button.

Advanced blog features:
  1. Select the Advanced button.

  2. You will notice the option to change the Date Display Style:
  1. Select the Update button.

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