LEAP Learning Center - Treefrog Interactivehttp://www.leapcms.comRSS Feeds powered by Treefrog Interactive Inc.en-us Search Engine Optimization Basics/Overview Check about how to get your site higher in Yahoo/Google/Bing LEAP-LearningCenter-Search-Engine-Optimization Treefrog.ca http://www.treefrog.ca/AuroraGrandOpening Camp Walden http://www.campwalden.ca/Flickr Camp Robin Hood http://www.camprobinhood.ca/photo_gallery Basic HTML Codes Nothing to be scared of. Really easy formating for your LEAP™ webiste! LEAP-LearningCenter-Basic-HTML-Codes Picture Sizing How to check if your pictures are the right size to display the best for your site. LEAP-LearningCenter-Picture-Sizing Glossary of Web & Treefrog Terms Every say "huh?" when a web designer talks? Not to worry....Check here for a glossary of common terms that you might hear! glossary Adding Pages to your LEAP Website A must for every new user and one of the most-asked questions. LEAP™ makes it easy, and there's multiple ways so you can find what works best for your kind of site. LEAP-LearningCenter-Adding-Pages Linking to a document within a Text Module Great trick and tip on how to make your text become truly dynamic and cross linked. LEAP-LearningCenter-Linking-Document-Text-Module Color Chart What's Hexadecimal you say? And how does it make a colour on a wesbite? LEAP-LearningCenter-Hexadecimal-Colour-Chart Menu Items - what's going on there? Added a menu item but not sure how to place it? Changing levels? LEAP-LearningCenter-Menus Trusted Users/Login Pages Coming soon! Mister Transmission Showcase-Mister-Transmission Jackryn France Showcase-Jackryn-France Banner System You can sell ad space on your LEAP website, click to find out how to use the system. LEAP-LearningCenter-Banner-Admin-Module Templates Pull content from another page when creating pages, useful for Newsletters/News pages and other pieces of your site. LEAP-LearningCenter-Templates META Button That META button on each page? What's going on! LEAP-LearningCentre-META Shopping Carts e-commerce on your site, sell products on your LEAP™ website. LEAP-LearningCentre-Shopping-Carts YouTube Vs Menus Are your video links overlapping menu items on your LEAP™ site? Here is an easy way around it. LEAP-LearningCentre-YouTube-vs-Menus link 1 afasd asd asd asd sadsad asd dddd link 2 dsaf adsf ads ffffff Add a new page to my LEAP™ website? A must for every new user and one of the most-asked questions. http://www.leapcms.com/LEAP-LearningCenter-Adding-Pages Size my Pictures Correctly? The internet runs on Pixels, are your pictures the correct size for your website? http://www.leapcms.com/LEAP-LearningCenter-Picture-Sizing Add a new item to my Menu? Your architecture is completely dynamic and you can add/remove items yourself - here's how. http://www.leapcms.com/LEAP-LearningCenter-Menus Configure my Search Engine Optimization? LEAP™ has the flexibility to manage your own SEO, find out how! http://www.leapcms.com/LEAP-LearningCentre-META Link to a document within my text? We have a File Folder module but you can also link your document anywhere in your site http://www.leapcms.com/LEAP-LearningCenter-Linking-Document-Text-Module LEAP™ User Quick Ticks & Tips Quick FAQs for users, includes useful information! LEAP-tricks-and-tips Add a YouTube video to my site So you've uploaded your video to the 2nd biggest search engine, now how to you get it on your website? http://www.leapcms.com/LEAP-LearningCentre-Adding-Youtube-Videos